Brazil Natural Cerrado


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Mild and sweet medium roast that brews equally well as a regular cuppa joe and a shot of espresso.


Roast: Medium

Origin: Cerrado, Brazil

Altitude: 3000 - 4000 ft (915 - 1220 m)

Tasting Notes: chocolate | sweet & mild | walnut 

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Patrick Cunningham
Incredible flavor

We have been drinking Chaplin Coffee for quite a few years now and have loved every type we have tried. And the Brazil Natural Cerrado is no different. I love the smooth taste and sweet notes. A great way to wake up in the morning!

Origin Story

Did you know that Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, accounting for nearly 40% of coffee grown in the world? This is due to both Brazil’s large geographic size and its near perfect climate for coffee cultivation. Cerrado is a vast savannah spanning 3 countries, which also encompasses several of the coffee-growing regions in Eastern Brazil. Current-day coffee production in the region takes place on farms that have been handed down through generations since the 1970’s. While early production focused on quantity, today’s generation of coffee farmers is focused on producing a quality bean, resulting in coffees with complex flavors.