• Limited Edition: Guatemalan Alma Maya

  • Alma Maya: Mayan soul

    Savor the taste of this well-balanced roast and feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting the families of the Nahualá Co-op and providing 3 meals for a hungry child.

    Origin: Atitlán, Guatemala
    Co-op / Association: Nahualá Co-op
    Altitude: 4900 ft (1500 m)
    Region Characteristics

    Alma Maya is grown in the volcanic highlands surrounding Lake Atitlán. From placid waters to riveting mountains, the diverse beauty of this landscape perfectly mirrors the balanced flavor found in every bean.

    Tasting Notes

    Rich & balanced, with zesty lime & velvety milk chocolate notes.

    Roastmaster's Notes

    The only match for the beauty of Lake Atitlán is the coffee grown here. Alma Maya embodies the mountain peaks and calm waters with sweet and fruity notes that give way to a buttery body that is rich as brownie batter. Carefully roasted to preserve the origin flavor, Alma Maya presents a bold take on the nuanced notes of this region.

    Food Pairings

    The citrus and spice layered over the rich body of Alma Maya perfectly complement earthy dishes such as a mushroom and goat cheese quiche, or asparagus sautéed with garlic.

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