Meet the Team

Jennifer Alexander Monzón - Co-Founder & CEO

Jennifer is a Social Entrepreneur who delights in creating products and services that make the world a better place. Family ties to Guatemala inspired her to transform her passion for delicious artisan coffee into a force to end chronic childhood malnutrition in Guatemala's coffee-growing communities. Prior to founding Chapín, Jennifer studied Economics and French at Northwestern University, sharpened her finance skills as an Analyst with Citadel Investment Group, earned her M.B.A. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago Booth, and worked with large consumer product companies on initiatives ranging from innovation and consumer insights to organizational structure and marketing strategy as a Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group.

After cultivating a strong foundation in analytics and business strategy, she collaborated on a series of new ventures ranging from launching a non-profit arts organization to creating and leading health and wellness programs. This cornucopia of experiences has served as the perfect training ground for her work with Chapín Coffee. A thought leader in the Chicago business community, she has spoken about social impact and entrepreneurship at the Allowance for Good 2015 Global Philanthropy Summit, the Evanston Start-up Showcase Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and as part of the Sum + Substance Tour hosted by Conscious Company Magazine.

Jennifer is a lover of nature and believes that it has immense power to restore body, mind, and spirit. When not working you can find her running, swimming, or relaxing in the great outdoors.

Carlos Monzón - Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Carlos has been inspired to help children in need ever since spending summers with his family in Guatemala as a child. While visiting his grandfather's coffee farm, he was struck by how the people who work so tirelessly to produce the world's best coffee often go without basic needs being met.

He and his mother began by collecting clothing, toiletries, and school supplies prior to their yearly visits for the children who lived in the community. One summer, he gave a pair of outgrown tennis shoes to one of the children. Several years later he returned to the farm and saw the same pair of shoes, meticulously cared for, on a different young boy. He told the boy that he'd once had the same shoes, and the boy replied that they'd been passed down from his older brothers - all of whom had worn the same pair of shoes before him. The appreciation and care with which these children treated their limited possessions left a lasting impression, leading Carlos to do whatever he could to support them in achieving their full potential.

The summer clothing drives then led to a scholarship fund to help send children from the farm to high school. Carlos still hoped to make an impact on an even larger scale, and that's when the idea for Chapín Coffee was born. The mission of Chapín is simple: to feed as many children as possible, and to improve every aspect of their world through sustainable sourcing, fair trade purchasing, and supporting the women artisans who care for them.

Isabel Girón - Marketing & Partnership Manager

Isabel was born and raised in Guatemala. As a child, her family would frequently go to their coffee farm where she loved to play around the coffee plants with her cousins. Isabel has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Finance from the Universidad de Francisco Marroquín. She has a masters degree in Marketing, where she graduated with honors, from the Spanish Business School ENAE.

Prior to joining Chapín Coffee, Isabel worked for a Spanish and Guatemalan biodiesel company where she introduced renewable fuel and lubricants to the Guatemalan market. Later on, she worked for Cementos Progreso, a cement company in Guatemala owned by the Cement Mogul Holcim, where she kept her environmental initiatives by working on recycling and also worked on implementing environmental and social awareness within the work culture. Wanting to grow her experience in the CPG Industry, she became the Beverage Marketing Manager for one of the largest food companies in Central America called Alimentos Ideal. During her time in this position, she developed and launched more than 10 products and started several projects to help children in need in Guatemala, working along with cancer associations, public hospitals and schools, and NGOs helping children living in the dumpsters.

In 2015 she moved to Chicago to advance her marketing and social entrepreneurial experience. Here she met Jennifer through a Chicago Booth article talking about Chapín Coffee’s social mission. They clicked when they started talking about Guatemala and the coffee growing communities and began working together in 2016. Ever since then, they have been growing Chapín Coffee to sell as much coffee as they can to help donate meals back to Guatemalan children.